Green Teams

Hey, if you’ve made it this far, you probably know all about how street teams work. You sign up, you do fun things, you earn cool stuff. I gotta tell you, I get all geeky about finding cool stuff, so there’s lots of cool stuff for you to earn.

How to Sign Up for the Green Team

Email me via the contact page and I’ll send you all the info you need to sign up and the form you need to keep track of your points.

How to Earn Points

    1. Follow EscapeTheFarm Fan Page on Facebook (+10, let me know on the doc. Yes, if you already liked it, this counts!)
    2. Follow me on Facebook. (+10, let me know on the doc. If you already follow me, that counts!)
    3. Follow me on Twitter (+10, let me know on doc. If you already … you know the drill.)
    4. Retweet any post about the book or my upcoming book tour from me (@Emily_Mc_Kay) or about the blog tour. (+5 points per tweet, one tweet a day, let me know in the doc.)
    5. Tweet about The Farm. Don’t know what to say? Use any of the following or just make up your own tweet (+ 5 per tweet, one per day! Post link on the doc.)
      • Do you miss vampires that are bad? Blood-sucking monsters rule The Farm! #EscapeTheFarm
      • Swooning over Carter in TheFarm! #EscapeTheFarm
      • Ready for the vampire apocalypse? #EscapeTheFarm!
    6. Put the cover of The Farm as your avatar on FB or Twitter (+10 for the first site the avatar is placed and +5 for each additional post link on the doc)
    7. Post your thoughts about the book or your favorite lines on FB or Twitter. (+2 per post, one post per day. If you tweet it, please include the #EscapeTheFarm hashtag)
    8. Send me a pic of you, your friends, you pets reading or holding The Farm. (+25 points. +10 points extra if you’re in front of the Admin building of your local Farm–ie. a college campus)
    9. Write an honest review for Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or any other retail buy page. (+20 for first review, +10 for each additional retail site you post it. Post link in doc.)
    10. Write an honest review for Goodreads, Shelfari, or LibraryThing. (+10 for first review, +5 for each additional retail site you post it. Post link in doc.)
    11. Post about what you earned through Green Team on FB or Twitter. (+5 points, +10 if you include a picture. One post per “win.”)

What can you earn?

Glad you asked! Here’s the fun stuff:

    • First level (30 points): a Farm bookmark, tattoo and pencil
    • Second level (60 points): a Vampire Apocalypse Survival Kit
    • Third level (120 points): Exclusive deleted content — including an extended version of the broom closet scene between Lily and Carter
    • Forth level (200 points): Sneak peak at the sequel, The Lair. Read an excerpt before anyone else … possibly even my editor!
    • Fifth level (300 points): Wanna be in print? Done! If you’re out there working this hard for me, you deserve to be in the acknowledgements for The Lair.
    • Sixth level (400 points): You can name a character in The Lair. (Some restrictions apply, because, hey, if you name a character after your ex, I can’t promise to kill the character for you!)
    • Seventh level (500 points): Your name will be entered in all future monthly drawings for a signed copy of the book and a cool Vampire Apocalypse bag, plus a Skype or telephone chat.
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